Each year S.R.T. Inc. Youth volunteers collect hygiene items for Hosea Feed the Hungry Medical Clinic. The Clinic is operated by Dr. Priscilla Johnson and other volunteer physicians, staff and students from Morehouse School of Medicine and the community. The clinic is open Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

On each holiday the youth and family members assist with registration, running errands, foot washing, maintaining supplies and distributing hygiene bags. Each holiday we distribute more than 300 hygiene bags to those visiting the clinic. These bags include soap, washcloths, lotion, razor, toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo, deodorant, hand sanitizer, foot/baby powder, and white socks. We also collect items to be used in the clinic such as cough drops, aspirin, paper towels, alcohol wipes, bandages (all sizes).