Marguerite Dossie

Marguerite Dossie

Marguerite Dossie, one of our members and volunteers was nominated by S.R.T. Inc. for the Non-Profit Trinity Award. This award recognizes volunteers and community organizations for their outstanding work for those in need.

Marguerite was a finalist and on August 19th. was selected as an outstanding volunteer. She has been a member of S.R.T. Inc. for 5 years. She is the main organizer and provider of one of most appreciated activities – Footwashing – at our free clinics for the homeless and uninsured. She also is a main financial supporter of our organization. Now that many of our youth are participating in weekend activities, Marguerite has taken it upon herself to put together hygiene bags for men, women and children. And if we are short on items, Marguerite purchases those items needed!

In October we will be participating in a festival in East Point. And one of Marguerites fund-raising ideas will be on sale – Our very own SRT Lip Balm.
With the help of Marguerite, we are providing hygiene items that are donated by local churches members to HEAL Community Center, Covenant House for Teens and Jars of Clay.

Let recognize this wonderful lady and wish her much success!

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